tamesischamber choir
Louise Rapple Moore

Joined Tamesis in January 2003 and is Choir Director.

I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I realise how succesful Tamesis is, and what a happy choir we are. Obviously it's no more than I hoped for when I started the choir in 2003, but hoping for something doesn't guarantee results! Tamesis has been so influential in so many ways, for so many of the people in the choir - for example, I met my husband, Patrick the bass, when he auditioned for Tamesis in January 2007 (it took me a good 18 months to see his potential, mind you!). I think there are lots of factors as to the continuing success of the choir, among them the small(ish) number of rehearsals, the fact that for us, 'committee' means 'anyone who comes to the pub after rehearsal', and most of all, the members' commitment to the choir. There are some people in Tamesis without whom the choir would literally fall apart, so here's to the unsung heroes!

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